Water Softeners

Water Softeners Keep Plumbing Systems Running Properly

Nobody likes rust stains on their plumbing fixtures, hard water spots on their dishes, or even worse … dry itchy skin. These are just a few issues that can be caused by hard water. The good news is, Downtown Plumbing can help. Even if you are not sure if your current system is running properly or efficiently, our local Brooklyn area plumbers would be happy to come out and take a look at your current system. Not only will we evaluate the age of your entire plumbing system, but we will test your water for hardness, iron content and acidity (pH level). We will also see how often your current system regenerates. Not only do you want a system that treats your water properly, but your plumbing system also needs to be efficient. You want to waste as little water as possible, because water is our most valuable resource.

Is it Time for a New Water Softening System?

The average life span of a water softener is 10 to 15 years. Many softeners continue to run longer, but their resin tanks start to get fouled and fail to treat the water as efficiently. This causes additional salt and water usage. Downtown Plumbing will install a new system designed to meet your specific, current water needs. Because we are a local company, our plumbers are very familiar with the local water conditions and how to treat them. We would be happy to design a system to meet your needs.

Give us a call for either home or commercial water treatment services. Downtown Plumbing can handle both standard systems and advanced requirements needed in manufacturing and health services.  We love a challenge and are confident that our expert technicians can handle the toughest jobs our community has to offer.

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