Select Sinks with Appealing Style and Commercial Durability

When it comes to sinks in a commercial location, simply picking out a design that is pleasing to the eye is not enough. Brooklyn area business owners adding new bathrooms or break rooms (or upgrading existing areas) also are looking for value, practicality and durability in a sink. It helps to have reliable advice from the local plumbing professionals.

Our goal is to find and install commercial grade sinks in restaurants, food service, hospitality, labs, schools, medical centers, manufacturing plants and more. At Downtown Plumbing, we can locate any sink you want, get it from the manufacturer, and install it according to exact Brooklyn area plumbing code. Just contact us for an expert plumbing consultation and estimate today!

We have the expertise install all kinds of commercial and custom-made sinks. In addition, if your commercial location needs the sink to work in conjunction with other industrial equipment, we can handle that as well.

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