Oil to Gas Conversion

Save Money on Heating & Cooling with Natural Gas

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10 Reasons to Call Downtown Plumbing to Convert to Natural Gas

  • Save money! Natural gas is less expensive than oil. The U.S. Department of Energy forecasts that natural gas will continue to cost less than fuel oil and propane well into the future. In some regions of our service territory, natural gas can be as much as 50 percent less expensive than fuel oil.
  •  Natural gas provides enough energy for a lifetime. Natural gas can do more than heat your home. It can also be used for water heaters, clothes drying, cooking, barbecuing, fireplaces, and heating your swimming pool or hot tub. Natural gas is the one fuel that fits all your individual needs. Even better, 98 percent of our natural gas is produced right here in North America.
  • Natural gas is better for the environment. Natural gas emits virtually no particulates into the air. Heating with natural gas means there is no fuel oil tank to potentially leak oil into the ground, polluting soil and groundwater. Natural gas burns cleaner than fuel oil, leaving none of the odors or soot associated with oil in your heating system.
  • Natural gas is always there when you need it. International politics or OPEC supply concerns will never interfere with heating your home when it’s using clean, natural gas.
  • You can use natural gas with confidence. Natural gas is the smart energy choice of many of your local schools, hospitals and government agencies. This is a reliable indicator of confidence in natural gas.
  • Natural gas heat conversions are easier than ever. Downtown Plumbing makes it easy and affordable to convert your Brooklyn home or business from fuel oil power to natural gas power. Our staff of properly licensed and insured heating experts and plumbing contractors make sure the job is done right!
  • Natural gas is less expensive to maintain. Cleaner heating equipment means less maintenance and fewer repairs to your system. With gas heating equipment, you save on maintenance costs year in and year out.
  • Natural gas is better for the environment. Heating with natural gas means no bulky fuel oil tank that can leak oil into the ground, causing expensive cleanup and potential environmental fines. Natural gas burns cleaner than fuel oil, leaving none of the odors or soot associated with oil in your heating system. Converting to natural gas heat reduces carbon dioxide by up to 40 percent and sulfur dioxide by 99.9 percent. Also, it reduces your carbon footprint by at least 183,000 pounds of carbon.
  • Natural gas adds value to your property. Natural gas is America’s number one choice for home heating. A huge selection of natural gas home appliances and products to enhance your comfort and convenience are available. An investment in gas heating is truly an investment in the value of your home or business.
  • Savings incentives are better than ever. Our licensed and insured heating and plumbing contractors are ready to convert your home from oil to gas today. Our customers can benefit from current money saving incentives that are better than ever before!

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