Garbage Disposals

Trust Plumbing Pros for Garbage Disposal Repair and Installation

A garbage disposal is an incredibly convenient appliance that allows you to liquefy food remnants and wash them down the drain instead of storing them in trash containers. Disposals also are a necessity in the food service industry and the best way to prevent food odor in garbage cans. Garbage disposals even work with your dishwasher and sink to prevent drains clogged by food particles.

We understand how important all these benefits are to our plumbing customers, so garbage disposal repair and disposal installation are included in the professional plumbing services from Downtown Plumbing. Throughout our Brooklyn and Queens County service areas, we install and repair all kinds of garbage disposals – from light residential models to heavy commercial disposal units.

Reliable Garbage Disposal Repair

Garbage disposal repair is often necessary when the undercutter disk becomes jammed, the hoses and seals start leaking, or if the impeller wears out. Fortunately, our qualified plumbing technicians can save your garbage disposal with prompt disposal repair in a lot of these cases.

Usually, garbage disposal repair is necessary when a disposal unit  is used in improperly. If you have a family, many harmful items can find their way into your sink’s disposal. The same is true in the case of a business, where many employees use the same sink and garbage disposal. Accidents like these can cause the disposal to stop working. The main culprits are grease, large items, silverware, hard items, and fibrous foods like celery. If the flywheel is merely jammed, you may be able to perform a simple repair yourself, but anything else needs to be looked at by a professional plumber. Incorrect service can result in burning out the disposal motor, causing the need for a full garbage disposal replacement.

Once in a while a garbage disposal wil not turn on. You won’t even hear a hum. When this happens, try resetting the disposal by pushing the little button located at the bottom of most garbage disposal units. Resetting the garbage disposal unit may temporarily solve your problem. However, if this problem occurs frequently, it may be time to call Downtown Plumbing.

Full Service Garbage Disposal Installation

Garbage disposal repair is always the first option to explore, but if your disposal is beyond repair, we also offer garbage disposal installation. Garbage disposal repair and installation from Downtown Plumbing means fast, dependable service, delivery of your new garbage disposal, and the benefit of our years of local plumbing experience. We never make a mess in your home when we perform garbage disposal repair. So put down the broom handle and monkey wrench and give us a call today for a reliable estimate on the garbage disposal service you need.

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