Handicap Accessible Plumbing

Handicap Accessible Plumbing Meets ADA Standards

Many of today’s commercial locations require the installation of plumbing fixtures to meet the various needs of employees or customers with physical handicaps. Downtown Plumbing can advise Brooklyn business owners about what they need to do and how they can comply with the Americans With Disabilities Act. Or perhaps you simply want to provide personal assistance to people with special needs in your office or factory.

No matter what your reason for these plumbing changes, our innovative, well trained local plumbing technicians know exactly what to do in order to comply with all Brooklyn area occupancy codes. We know the manufacturers of all kinds of handicap accessible fixtures, and we also know how to install special handicapped plumbing so that your building is fully ADA friendly.

Helpful to the handicapped plumbing fixtures include:

  • Comfort height toilets
  • Easy-turn faucets
  • Sturdy grab bars
  • Hand held showerheads
  • Walk in handicap showers

If you don’t have plumbing to serve people with handicaps in your business yet, just contact Downtown Plumbing for more information!

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