Offering Commercial Toilet Updates & Repairs

When you have older toilets at your Brooklyn business, you can use the services of a qualified commercial plumber. In the case of a hotel or an office building, for example, it isn’t always financially possible to replace every toilet. At Downtown Plumbing, we know how to fix older toilets and locate replacement parts. If you need a toilet repaired, we can salvage almost any older toilet. Give us a call with the make and model of your toilet to get you an estimate today!

Toilets in public restrooms take more of a beating than residential toilets, so ongoing maintenance is a fact of life for business owners. If your toilet problem has gone beyond drain snake plumbing, give Downtown Plumbing call. We not only unclog toilets, we also repair and install. If you need low-flush toilets or handicap plumbing, Downtown Plumbing can handle that as well.

Call (718) 858-7070 to speak to one of our friendly staff members.